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On-Lot Sewage Management Program (SMP)

Staff Liaison: Katherine Archibald

On-Lot Sewage Management Program (SMP)

Staff Liaison: Katherine Archibald

Routine Inspection Reports are due every 3 years by October 31.

List of licensed contractors can be found here: PSMA certified inspectors


In Westtown Township, 43% of properties rely on on-lot sewage disposal systems. Failing to keep the systems well-functioning results in polluted groundwater and streams, health hazards, and expensive repairs that could have otherwise been avoided. In 2013, the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors approved Ordinance 2013-3, establishing the On-Lot Sewage Management Program (SMP), to identify failing systems and ensure they are repaired in timely manner by keeping track of all ongoing inspections and pumping activities. This program is mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and is intended to help avoid problems such as environmental health hazards and contamination of our shared groundwater resources which can result from poorly maintained and malfunctioning sewage systems.

As set forth in Resolution 2013-16, the SMP was implemented in an initial cycle of four 9-month phases over a period of 3 years.  Property owners were required to have a comprehensive initial sewage system inspection completed within the schedule for the phase assigned to each property. The initial cycle of the program ended December 7, 2016, and the results of the first cycle of the SMP were reported to the DEP.

Thank you, Westtown Township residents, for a 99% compliance rate!

Routine SMP Compliance Requirements

The completion of initial sewage system inspections wasn’t the end of the program, but the first imperative step in keeping our community healthy.  To be effective in the long-term, the program must be carried out in perpetuity.  To comply with the SMP, each property owner with an on-lot sewage disposal system is required to:

  1. Complete an SMP Routine Inspection and submit an SMP Routine Inspection Report* to the Township every 3 years done by an inspector certified by the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA).


  1. Pump the system at least once every 3 years OR more frequently as recommended by a Chester County Health Department (CCHD) licensed Liquid Waste Hauler, and submit a pumping receipt to the Township at least once within every 3-year period.

IMPORTANT:  It is the responsibility of a property owner to provide the above mentioned documentation to Westtown Township.

*Please note that the Township will not accept the submission of septic inspection without a completed SMP Routine Inspection Report.

Routine Sewage System Inspections

The SMP requires that every system undergo a routine inspection every three years in perpetuity. The SMP Routine Inspection Report is due by October 31st, no later than 3 years from the completion of your previous SMP inspection, installation of a new system, or a waiver anniversary date.  For example, if your Westtown Inspection was completed sometime between January – December 2015, your next inspection is due on October 31st, 2018.

Note: If you are not sure about the date of your system’s last inspection, please contact the Township.

The SMP Routine Inspection Report must be completed by a contractor (inspector) certified by the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA) hired by the property owner.  For a list of PSMA certified inspectors, click here:

Routine Pumping

In addition to submitting the SMP Routine Inspection Report once every three years, the SMP requires that each on-lot sewage system be pumped out at least once during the 3-year cycle.  When the system is pumped, the inspector will be able to observe and record the information required on the SMP Routine Inspection ReportIt is highly recommended that system pumping be done at the same time as the routine system inspection.

There are two ways to comply with the routine pumping requirement:

  • System pumping is not required at the same time as the routine inspection. However, it is highly recommended that system pumping be done at the same time as the routine system inspection.  A receipt from your pumper should be attached to the SMP Routine Inspection Report.
  • If pumping is done at another time, then you must submit a copy of the pumping receipt to the Township by October 31st.

Note that pumping more frequently than once every three years may be recommended by your PSMA certified inspector to maintain your on-lot sewage system in good working order. However, for the purpose of the Township’s reporting requirements, evidence of only one pump out in each three-year cycle is required, regardless if your system is pumped more frequently.

For a list of CCHD licensed contractors go to:

SMP Guidance Materials

The On-lot Sewage Management Guidance Booklet explains the background of the program and includes detailed information about on-lot sewage systems, system maintenance, and specific program requirements.  Please read the guidance booklet thoroughly before contacting the Township with any questions.

The SMP FAQs for Property Owners Brochure provides brief information on program guidance, routine inspection and pumping requirements, and answers to the most common questions regarding compliance with the SMP.

The SMP Compliance Flow Steps details steps for property owners to follow for successful compliance with the program’s requirements.


The annual fee for the On-Lot Sewage Management Program (SMP) is $24 for each property with an on-lot sewage system, billed in quarterly installments with your trash bill. For your convenience, trash and SMP fees can be paid online (, or through automatic deduction from your bank account: (Click here to download Authorization for ACH payment form.)

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