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Public Works Department

Mark Gross, Director of Public Works –

Public Works Department

Mark Gross, Director of Public Works –

Full Time Employment Opportunity – Wastewater Treatement Plan Operator

This full-time position includes operation and maintenance of one 495,000 GPD extended aeration wastewater treatment plant, 6 pump stations, and a collection system that includes gravity & low pressure lines. This position requires equipment and facilities repairs, water sampling, report preparation, and coordination of contractor activities. Candidate must have prior wastewater operations experience and be able to work independently and efficiently. Other requirements: PADEP cert. Class C, E, subclass 1,4; CDL (or ability to obtain w/i 6 mo.); 24/7 response time to Westtown (19395) in under one hour for occasional emergencies. Pre-employment physical and drug test. Competitive salary & benefits. Send resume, salary history, & references to:

Public Works Department monthly report: 2023-09 Road Report


2023 Road Maintenance Project

The 2023 Road Maintenance Project was awarded to Innovative Construction Services, Inc. in the amount of $972,090.  The following roads will be resurfaced:

Johnnys Way – entire length
Barnview Lane – entire length
Station Way – entire length
Butternut Road – entire length
Appletree Road – entire length
Avonlea Circle – entire length
Tower Course Road – Rt 926 to Carlyle Road
Dogwood Lane – Oakbourne Road to notch at #1013
Russell Lane – entire length
Creamery Lane – Russell Lane to Farm Lane
Farm Lane – Stable Lane to end
Spring Line Drive – entire length
North and South Deerwood Drive – entire length
S. New Street – Spring Line Drive to General Howe Drive

We thank affected residents for their patience and cooperation during this project.

Ponds Edge Road Sanitary Sewer Repair

Snyder Environmental is relining the sewer line on Ponds Edge Road from the cul-de-sac to Walnut Hill Road.

Thorne Drive Basin Retrofit

As part of its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit requirements, the Township will be restoring the detention basin on Thorne Drive.  The project will include removing trees, vegetation, and sediment accumulation, regrading/removing the defined channel, installing a new outlet structure that has a low-flow orifice to provide infiltration and extended detention, creating water quality features such as forebays, and installing native plantings.  As a first step, infiltration test pits will be dug in early April.  This project will help improve water quality in the Goose Creek Watershed by reducing sediment from stormwater runoff.

PECO Projects:
PECO is working to upgrade the gas and electrical distribution systems in the public right-of-way in the following areas:

  • Pleasant Grove – Baywood Road, Blenheim Road, Carlyle Road, Cockburn Drive, Dodgson Road, Fielding Drive, Pynchon Hall Road, Sissinghurst Drive, and Tower Course Drive.
  • Spring Line Drive – includes N. and S. Deerwood Drive
  • Dunvegan Road, West Niels, East Niels, John Anthony Drive

PECO Vegetation Management

This summer PECO will be surveying the Township as part of their tree maintenance program.  Their contractor, Asplundh, will be clearing any necessary trees from their wires in order to minimize outages caused by falling trees.  Affected residents will be notified.  PECO Veg Mgmt Map -Westtown

AQUA Projects:
Aqua is replacing water mains on the following streets in Westtown:

Sawmill Court Development:
Construction access on South Concord Road between Picket Way and Oakbourne Road will continue until this development is completed.

Open Bids, RFP’s, and Recent Bid Results: 

2023-2024 Group Salt Bid
The bid opening for the winter 2023-24 Sodium Chloride contract was held on September 18.  The contract award will be considered by the Board of Supervisors at the October 2, 2023 meeting.

2023 Road Maintenance Program
On June 5, 2023, the Board of Supervisors awarded this contract to Innovative Construction Services in the amount of $972,090.  Work will begin August 21 on Johnnys Way.

Oakbourne Park Improvements
This project was awarded to MECO Construction in the amount of $5,380,100.  The park improvements, including 3 pickleball courts, 2 tennis courts, basketball court, comfort station, pavilion, small playground, trail improvements, and paved parking lot, are expected to be completed in late spring, 2024.

Road Occupancy Permit: Road Occupancy Permit Application

Summer Stormwater Management

The summer heat and humidity is upon us.  Protect your lawn by setting your mower height to 4 inches.  Closely mowed grass has limited leaf area to take in the sunlight needed to produce a healthy lawn.  Taller grass grows deeper roots, and shades and protects the soil.  Thicker lawns are more weed resistant, absorb more stormwater, lose less sediment during storms, and need less fertilizer.  Please do not direct lawn clippings into the street.

In addition, summertime thunderstorms can bring significant rain in a brief amount of time.  In these conditions, even well-designed, properly functioning stormwater infrastructure can often be overwhelmed by the volume of rain. Consider landscape modifications to help your yard retain excess rainwater and prevent runoff. Redirect all downspouts which drain onto paved surfaces and storm sewers to flow into a rain barrel, rain garden, mulched bed or grassy area, located downgrade.

For additional information, please visit our Stormwater Management page.

State Owned and Maintained Roads in Westtown Township:

Westtown Township has NO jurisdiction on roads owned and maintained by the state.  To report potholes or other problems on state roads, please visit: PennDOT Customer Care or call 484.340.3201.

Road Section
Route 3 (West Chester Pike) Entire Length
Route 202 (Wilmington Pike) Entire Length
Route 352 (North/South Chester Road) Entire Length (N/S changes at Route 3)
Route 926 – Street Road Entire Length
Westtown Road Entire Length
Oakbourne Road Route 202 to South Concord Road (at corner of Oakbourne Park)
South Concord Road Oakbourne Road to Westbourne Road
Westbourne Road Entire Length

Know What’s Below – Call 8-1-1 Before You Dig


If you are planning to dig on your property for any reason, such as building a deck, installing a mailbox post, installing a fence, planting a tree, or grinding a stump, call 8-1-1 before you dig.  It’s the law!  There is no fee to property owners for this service.

The American Public Works Association provides a uniform color code system for marking underground utilities. The color of the flag or paint indicates the type of utility.  Public utility companies such as AQUA, PECO, Comcast, and Verizon who have facilities in a potential dig site are required by law to mark the location of underground utilities, usually within 2-3 days of your request.

For more information visit: PA One Call



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